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Grasshopper : Parametric Space

Lecture: World Space & Parametric Space; Curve & Surface Evaluation; Re-parametrization

Training: 2D Grids; Point Decomposition; Numbers Remapping; Numbers Formatting; 3D Poly-lines

Workshop: Structural Building Skin Based on a Polygonal Grid

Here is the workshop Grasshopper definition …


Download the Grasshopper Definition : http://www.mediafire.com/?tcrboe5c5uvgrdx

Here is a quick review of the workshop …

parametric space _ screens _ 01

01. Create a Surface, here the “Loft” component is used with curves referenced from Rhino …

parametric space _ screens _ 012

02. Create a polygonal grid, here, the Grasshopper uniform grid components are used …

parametric space _ screens _ 013

03. Get the corner points of the polygonal grid, using the “Discontinuity” component, with the grid “Polygons” as input …

parametric space _ screens _ 014

04. Here is the tricky part, the x and y values of the corner points are “remapped” to a domain of (0.0 to 1.0) dimensions, then they are reformatted to match the {u, v, w} formula …parametric space _ screens _ 015

05. Now, the remapped reformatted values are supplied as inputs to the “Evaluate Surface” component, the result is the polygon corner points mapped to the “reparametrized” surface …parametric space _ screens _ 016

06. The points are simply connected to form new polygons matching the surface …

parametric space _ screens _ 017

07. Now, experiment with any grid pattern that ever crosses you mind (http://wp.me/p2X6sW-9G) 🙂 …

As an exercises, try to convert these polygons into 3d panels …


Try the “Weaverbird” components (http://www.giuliopiacentino.com/weaverbird/) to smooth the results a little bit …



3 comments on “Grasshopper : Parametric Space

  1. kher0M.AboEl-Kheer
    February 5, 2013

    Well, This is a nice way to explain it. Amazing 😀

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  3. Alex
    July 31, 2013

    didn’t work for me. when i try to connect my 2d domain result with a evaluate surface it marks a component in red “1. Data conversion failed from Domain² to Point”

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